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AvaDevine.com/PornstarPlatinum.com - Ava Devine - Loves to Fuck Her Ass! [FullHD 1080p]

Hey guys! Are you ready to watch me put this little string of anal beads up my ass? Haha, Im just fucking with you! You know that these are to small for my asshole. I need something like these massive beads that can fill up pooper proper. After all, I have to keep my asshole in shape. Why dont you take a look deep in my ass and see?
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 - Goddess Alexandra Snow - Relaxation Orgasm [HD 720p]

I know the past few months have been very stressful on you. Week after week youve sat in my office processing and talking about your feelings and I think I finally have something thats going to dissolve some of that stress. You see, I watch the way you look at me when you enter my office. Even when Im talking you through certain things I can see your eyes glaze over and the bump of an erection in your pants. I bet youve fantasized about me, havent you? I bet youve dreamed of getting to jerk off right here in my office to my beautiful ass. Well today is the day youre going to do it. I think fulfilling one of these fantasies of yours is going to take away a huge chunk of your stress. I think this validation and release are going to be a huge part of your treatment plan. Listen to my soothing voice as I take off my skirt. I can see youre erect now just thinking about it. Were going to jerk the stress all away.MP4 * 390 MB * 00:10:30 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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 - Humiliation POV - Mind Blowing Mindfuck - Hypnos1s [SD 540p]

Just hearing my voice gets your brain in the mood to be mindfucked. Yes, it responds automatically. You feel my eyes stare into yours as my voice tickles your brain. As you stare at my gorgeous face, you cannot help but want to be mindfucked by me. You want me in your brain, you want me to reprogram it, it just feels so fucking good. Allow me to mold it, play with it, and fuck it.You love this so much that youd rather be mindfucked by me than fuck a real pussy. You know its true. You no longer crave sex. You no longer fantasize about it. No, theres something else that you crave more, something else that turns you on even more, and thats being mindfucked by me. Totally, completely, utterly mindfucked by me. And thats exactly what Im going to do to you. And that makes your cock so hard, just hearing me say those words. It makes you feel weak, and when youre weak you allow me to take over your mind. You wont even realize when Im inside and reprogramming your brain, because it just feels so good.Im mindfucking you right now and you dont even know it. And you love it. And you crave more. And the more I do it, the more you need it. Im planting seeds in your brain that will grow your addiction. It will never end. Its taken over so much that you no longer want to fuck, you no longer think about pussy. You still want to fuck but youre no longer doing the fucking. Now Im mindfucking you and you love every second of it. You need to be mindfucked.You love me crawling into your brain and taking over and just fucking the $h!t our of your mind. And afterwards you think, What just happened?. You awaken so lost, so confused, unaware of whats taken place. All you can remember is that I made you cum so hard, harder than you ever have. And I didnt even have to touch you. This is the only way you can cum now. You love being mindfucked, you cant go back to pussy now. After my mindblowing mindfuck, youll never be the same. Pussy is nothing now, this is what you need, me in your brain, fucking the $h!t out of it. Youre mine. Doesnt it feel good with me deep in your brain?MP4 * 338 MB * 00:09:50 * 960x540 Jerk off me Watch Online
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