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  • October 14 2018, 20:27
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  • 14 - Lena Paul, Reagan Foxx - Dovefucking 101 [FullHD 1080p]

The voluptuous Reagan Foxx is getting her porn on in her living room, trying to choose between all the smoking hot videos on Girlsway (not an easy task), when she sees her step-daughter Lena Paul outside on the patio crying. She closes her laptop and calls Lena into the living room to get the full story. Through tears, Lena tells her mom that she hates the girls at school. Embarrassed, Lena continues, telling Reagan that she was at lunch and the girls at her table were talking about something called...dovefucking? They were talking about how cool it was and Lena pretended to know all about it, but the girls caught her in her lie, calling her a big virgin. Reagan reassures her that its no big deal. A lot of people dont know what dovefucking is, she continues patiently. Lena is still upset and worried that everyone will be talking about what a square she is. What IS dovefucking?, Lena asks her mom desperately. Reagan hesitates, struggling to find the right words. She stutters, saying its kind of a sexual thing. Lena still doesnt get it. Maybe she IS just a big dumb virgin! Reagan cant stand seeing her sweet Lena like this and offers to show her what it is. Lena agrees.
  • October 14 2018, 20:26
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