- Eva Notty - My Friends Hot Mom [SD 480p]

Blast! Eva Notty cant do anything with her hands, wrapped and bandaged due to a recent cooking accident that burned them. She cant operate a hair dryer, she can barely use her phone, but worst of all, she cant masturbate! And when her last-ditch attempt at handling a vibrator turns clumsy and awry, she decides its time to cash in an awkward but much-needed bet. She has her phone assistant call Rion, her sons friend who owes her many favors for allowing him to use her address to help reduce his college tuition costs. In dire need of an orgasm, the busty MILF summons her sons friend over to assist, and when he arrives to see her pink pussy out in the open as the MILF lay in bed, hes quite unsure what to do. But Eva doesnt care; she pulls his face into her big tits, tells him to get the vibrating sex toy buzzing along on her clit, and to pull out his big dick for her to suck on! No hands? No problem. Dont ever question a MILF in heat.
  • July 31 2018, 16:39
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